Attraction dating and partnering

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There comes a point in just about everyone's life when we accept we cannot make it through this life alone — that we need a partner in order to make it out alive.

One of the greatest motivators for settling down and partnering up is realizing you already let an ideal candidate get away.There's nothing fair about nature and the survival of the fittest, and nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of dating and partnering.In more than 20 years as a professional matchmaker, I have found that women who are seeking long-term relationships tend to find men with these traits most desirable: Can you guess where the trouble is?Just about everyone is searching for the next best thing, but only once you realize that finding better is mostly impossible will you truly appreciate what you once had and what you were once too immature to hold on to.Only once you understand how good you once had it will you understand how bad you have it now, and only then will you be capable of turning your life around and turning it in the right direction.

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Moreover, you'll come to accept that you don't want to make it alone.

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