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In the survey, 1.3 percent of women and 1.9 percent of men identified either gay or lesbian.

This survey matters because the portion on sexuality is used to identify US populations that might be at higher risk for STIs or HIV.

Clarke left in a huff, and we were treated to dramatic shots of each woman in EMOTIONAL TURMOIL. She puts her hand on Lexa’s back, she closes her eyes. And as show writer Jason Rothenberg tweeted: They followed through.

Then, later, Clarke comes in again, only for Lexa to apologize. They said “sexual orientations of all kind are completely normal,” and then they proved it.

But that's not just changing social norms; it may be due to the way the US government is phrasing the question.

Unfortunately, the CDC's questions about sexuality aren't always consistent — or even all that sex-savvy.

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When Clarke wasn’t looking, Lexa would stare at her with an expression that can only be described as ‘heart eyes.’ And tonight, their relationship came to a head.