Dating woman stuttering

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Luckily, we have a translator available to help us!

Early in to our conversation, we hear Lotte ask her boyfriend Jeroen to translate for her.

I prefer to use the word impedent as opposed to Stutter... You would be very, very surprised at the list of present as well as past famous Actors, Politicians,and Sports persons who have a speech Impedement... I don't see it as being a big deal so long as it's mild.

The word Stutter is too like the word Splutter and no one likes an engine that splutters,lol, especialy when you are in rush hour traffic. My ex had Tourette 's and while the little shakes, clicks and sniffles were obvious, I grew accustomed to them. If it were severe, he'd need to be amazing in a lot of other ways to "make up for it".

Pam is actively involved in the stuttering community and recently became a host with Stutter Social. During her spare time, Pam enjoys Community Theater and music, and also works fulltime in Adult Education. Women – “Venusians” – define their sense of self through their feelings and the quality of relationships. When “Martians” are stressed, they retreat to their caves to think about the problem and figure out a solution.

Jeroen Vuijk works for the local government in Rotterdam, and gives us a great perspective of what it’s like to date a woman who stutters.

Stutter Talk® is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to talking openly about stuttering.

Stutter Talk is the first and longest running podcast on stuttering.

The individual who hosted the show regarding stuttering is a very succesful theatre and movie director in Canada...

I myself have a slight,, as I prefer to call it speech impedent....

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