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When not aboard their Airstream, the newlyweds divide their time between homes in Alabama and Florida.

For Calvin Harris, Summer 2014 is all about hot cars and even hotter women.

The bell strikes like clockwork, the same time every time, announcing a tragedy I’ve not yet fathomed.

Now, a few dozen loops later, hiding in a closet in the tower, I can finally see its cause.

Five minutes in, you witness a butler eviscerate one of his master’s guests with an elephant gun.

Soon after that, it becomes clear that this isn’t just a lone employee with a grudge – no, the entire staff of the Brutale is out for blood, and as with Majora, you’re the only monkey wrench around to gum up the works.

But while most games would have you investigate their grisly demises after the fact, here, it’s not so much the why - after all, the culprits are all faceless servants, unnaturally strong and enduringly loyal to an unknown ringleader - but the how.

The fest’s first weekend kicks off this Friday, April 11.

TV personalities, a high school teacher-turned-real estate investor, fashion models and a professionally ranked tennis player. * Party with the 2016 Sexy Singles on Wednesday, August 10 from 7-9 p.m.

The video was directed by Jon Jon Augustavo, who also did Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" video, and has NPH in full Barney Stinson mode, silk pajamas and everything.

I guess that nightshirt phase he went through didn't last.

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NPH's appearance in the video came from a Neuro customer survey that asked people who they would like to have a slumber party with—35 percent of the responses went with Neil.

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