Updating bios linux

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Updating bios linux

I am trying to upload the BIOS of my laptop from an USB drive (Asus N53SV, from BIOS version 212 to version 215), but I can't find a boot from USB option in my BIOS. The BIOS interface I access from the splash screen is Aptio Setup Utility 2.01.1204. If I undestand it correctly flashing from hard disk requires a FAT32 partition (which I don't have) and flashing form cd is a very bad idea. Optimize Realtek 8111E LAN modul Download from Global BIOS 2131. The only reference I found is: but it's about a different task. The options I can see in the BIOS interface are: UEFI boot: enable/disable (D)PXE ROM: enable disable (D)Boot Option 1,2, ...(you can switch hdd and cd-rom, by default nothing else)Hard Drive BBS Priorities CD/DVD ROM Drive BBS Priorities(you can select witch hdd and cd-rom)[Add New Boot Option]Delete Boot Option(allows you to delete custom entry deiveces)These are the BIOS updates, are they worth the hassle?

Tree Pad X Enterprise 384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor. Disk catalog programs; backup, compression, split and zip programs; disk search engines, disk management utilities, remote file storage services, data recovery tools, data wipe tools, downloadable boot disks and more.

In this example, this is a picture of an early AMIBIOS, a type of BIOS manufactured by the AMI.

Another good example of a BIOS manufacturer is Phoenix.

I’d tell more but the flashrom website does a good job of telling about the utility.

Because BIOS sizes are getting larger, we may need to learn how to create larger bootable images.

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For information on what Flash utility to use, a good place to look is your computer manufacturers homepage.

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