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Updating fetch in plsql

My procedure is working fine but i can't figure out how will i update column CODE_NUMBER of my table MAIN if primary key already exists.

Actually i want rows of MAIN table to get UPDATED when its has primary key and insert data from REGIONS when primary key does not exists.

COUNT UPDATE profile SET quotopurdays = people_tab(bulk Num). WHERE personid = people_tab(bulk Num); COMMIT; Oracle will not allow a FORALL update to use a PL table of records in the update as above etc..

My method of using FORALL to update many columns is by splitting a PL table of a string using SUBSTR in fixed places.

REGION_ID, CODE_NUMBER=regions.[description] FROM MAIN JOIN regions ON MAIN. REGION_ID; --Insert the new ones INSERT INTO MAIN(ID, CODE_NUMBER) SELECT regions.

Please help me on this Sorry i just edited , now there is only deptno 20, but how to insert if many comm= null gets updated..

I have made a procedure in PL/SQL which inserts data from one table to another on basis of primary key.

” In the print version of the article, only choice a was correct.

In the online version (which also matches the quiz offered at PL/SQL Challenge, both a and b are correct.

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An UPDATE in the cursor loop will update 1 row and 19 columns at once.

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